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Privacy Policy


NeedsBuy E-commerce attaches utmost importance to the privacy safeguards of the customers and visitors to our portal/website. Access of our website to view or use indicates compliance to information collection of the user/viewer and adherence to the policies mentioned in our Privacy Policy. In the Privacy Policy “NeedsBuy”, or ‘We” shall be in reference to “NeedsBuy E-Commerce.

Information Collection

NeedsBuy may collect your personal information while you use the website in the following ways:

Registration process, Online Purchase, Order, Return, Exchange, as cookies, Email sign up, Social Media notifications.

Surveys and polls

Comments and suggestions on our platforms

NeedsBuy may collect personal information during one or few of the above activities to identify you with your personal name, postal address, email id, phone number date of birth and financial information like a credit card or debit card.


During registration we may collect some information that will help us better our services for you. This information that we gather will be used mainly to personalize our services for you so that you find our services to you more satisfactory.


We may collect information that entails us to help us find the “pattern” of your usage of our website to help us access or use our website easy and better. That information gathering shall include your actions on website, the location of your computer, internet protocol addresses, mobile device models, Internet service provider, Operating systems of your computer as well as the mobile devices and other information that are not personal in nature.


We use cookies and other technologies that will store and receive some information of yours through your interaction with our website through your computer or mobile device. This information could be the following

Browser type, Device type, Hardware, Search items, Geographic location using IP

The above information would be used mainly for purpose of data analysis and shall be in a summative form and would not be identified individually.

Surveys and Polls

Users will have the option of participating in polls and surveys on our website or social media platforms. The process of participation shall include registration process and gathering or personal information, preferences and demographic would be essential. These polls and surveys are not binding on the users and they can choose avoiding disclosure of any information in part of full.

Information usage

The information collected through our website and social media may be used for the following purposes

Fulfilling and managing purchases, Orders, Payments, Returns, Exchanges, Requests for information, Delivery coupons, Newsletters, Marketing communications, Research, Analysis, Polls, Surveys, Contests, Prevention of fraudulent transactions, Theft monitoring, Assist the law, Information share

NeedsBuy will not sell trade nor share any personal information with any individual or companies other than for the reasons mentioned above or if and when required by law. We may share some information with our business or trading partners only on the condition that they too agree towards non-disclosure and non-solicitation of business from you.

Summary data collection might be shared with our research agency for analysis purpose or predicting buying behaviour and some of this might be shared with our business partners.

Information may be shared with the law enforcement agencies upon request from them.

NeedsBuy does not provide information to any agency or company indulging in marketing or commercial purposes.

Public Forum information

Information provided in any social media platform may be read, collected and used by us, but we are not liable for any such information you provide on these platforms and it is unguarded under this Privacy Policy.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy can see frequent updating. NeedsBuy requests users to review the Privacy Policy from time to time. This document was last updated on 21 st Aug 2015


Our website may contain links to other websites that is beyond our control. Our attempts in ensuring only our partner links might not be successful and so we advise extreme caution when using the linked sites and request users to ready their Privacy Policy to understand their terms and conditions. We also have no control over third parties cookies or links that appear on your computer or appear on our website.


At the outset we would like to inform you that any data broadcast over the internet is not completely secure. At the same time NeedsBuy assures stringent measures have been taken and all possible steps are in place to safeguard your personal and financial information that is provided by you on our website. We have ensured compliance with all regulations that govern the internet space and usage of the best encryption process to prevent loss, misuse, disclosure, or modification of personal information. At the same time guarantee or warranty of any information that you provide on or to our website may not be pledged. Any information provided on our website is at your own risk.

Questions and Comments

Feel free to suggest or question us at [email protected]


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